21st Key carving

Each 21st key is as different as the people who receive them. I love being able to be involved with the families for this celebration.

“We are only accepting one key a week due to the work we put into them. However, we have three key designs ready to go on short notice – these will be a Pacifica style – Maori style – Sport style “

What is the process to get a 21st key?

The most important question is when is it needed for – what is the pick up date?

  • You email us your wish list. (E.g DOB, interests, if you wanted it painted, stand, name, design ideas) Bryan draws up a design.
  • A fee of $65 paid upfront before the design of the key is sent – this will be credited TO the total end price. Not refundable if you do not proceed.
  • Once you have approved the design Bryan will not start carving until 50% deposit is paid and money is cleared if paying online – if this is left too late you will be at risk of not having the key on time.
  • The Keys take a minimum of 12 working days to complete.
  • Keys start at $590.00 UPWARDS + g s t if paid online.

  • We need 6 weeks lead time FROM deposit of 50%. Balance on pick up.

    NB: it is preferable to deal with 1 person only to avoid conflicting information.


All the 21st keys are locally hand carved

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What can you bring into the design?

You are able to bring almost anything from the life of the person receiving the key into the design. As you will see in the collection below this can be sports, music interests, family crests, traditional heritage patterns, flora, fauna, images of the person.

I also have extensive experience working with traditional pacific patterns and textures specializing in:

  • Maori 21st Keys
  • Samoan 21st Keys
  • Tongan 21st Keys
  • Cook island 21st Keys

The design doesn’t just have to stick to the traditional key shape. I have made a number of 21st keys that resemble sculptures rather than a traditional key. If you already have a piece of wood you want to use or an object please contact us and we can see how we can use it.

How much do the 21st keys cost?

The pricing changes based on the amount of labour required to do the fine detailing, the size of the piece, the type of wood, delivery and how it will be mounted. We can price a stand into the quote if you would like.

Starting price $590 + GST & freight if any extra

Why do we give a 21st key?

A 21st key was traditionally given as the moment you were entrusted with a key to your home. However, as culture has changed and it is common for kids to have a key, a 21st birthday key has come to symbolize something larger. For each family I ask what the key means to them and I am still waiting for someone to say it is for a giant wooden lock. For most the 21st key is about opening up adult life and the elements we bring into each piece are the things they are bringing into this new part of life. For you though the 21st key might mean something completely different.

Make an inquiry about a 21st key today


We can design a 21st key for every budget

Please contact us for more information – Bryan Verey

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