From now on we are going to work on one 21st key a week to pour our hearts into the carving.

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As you can see in the designs from December they are elaborate and take time before I even put the chisel on the wood. The 21st keys I carve are becoming more complicated as we carve a niche for this specialty product. We are not a novelty shop pumping out cheap 21st keys, our designs are made with love and carved with care.

So if you have a 21st key carving, or another commission, contact us early to book a space as they are quickly filling up for the year.

Our new years resolution is to slow down the amount of work so we can continue to create a 21st keys at the highest calibre.

Please take the time to visit the 21st key page to find out more about the process and the change in pricing.




Bryan Verey

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