You may be thinking like many, what do 21st keys symbolize?.

Over 50 years ago the drinking age was 21, so if our standard of cause for celebration is the day we can legally drink (And let’s hope it’s not) then this may be the case. But research on this is surprisingly unclear.

So if 21st keys don’t represent the legal age to drink what do 21st keys symbolize? I would like to think that they mark the passage from teenage-hood into adult life. A literal key to open the door of their next section of life.

Many things are opening to people reaching 21 years old. School and university have or are nearly finished. Jobs are opening up, love and life is at their door. The 21st keys for me symbolize this exciting change in life. From preparation to real world application.

New Zealand, Australia and other countries around the world follow this custom. However, it is not widely adopted.

As you will see many of my 21st keys are barely in the shape of a key. The key shape while still prominent, often takes a back step to whatever things in the person’s life that has helped them reach and open this door into the next stage of their life. What do 21st keys symbolize? This is what I think but I’m really interested to hear what you think they symbolize.

What do 21st keys symbolize to you?

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Bryan Verey

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