21st plaque

We are seeing an increasing number of people ordering 21st plaques

It’s interesting to see an increasing number of people deciding on a 21st plaque rather than the traditional 21st key. As you can see in this design, other than the cupcake with ’21’ on it, there is little that gives away that this is a 21st present. It appears more as a piece of art, and if this encourages people to be more bold in where they place it then I am all for it.

I still love the 21st key and its representation of opening up adult life, however I thought I would put this on the website to show how we are always open to new ideas.

Some people might identify with this 21st plaque or carving more than the traditional 21st key.

I am particularly proud of this piece for being able to subtly incorporate so much from this persons life. There is a lot of icons and imagery brought together in this design and I feel it doesn’t feel over crowded. What do you think of 21st plaques?

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