Hand carved 21st key for Andrea - designed with music and celtic roots

21st Key I carved for Andrea’s family to present to her. You can see the pieces of her life coming into various aspects of the 21st key.

Beautiful carved 21st key for Andrea to show her love of music and nature. The border blends from a traditional outline into the movement of a branch then into leaves. The symbol on the left has celtic origins and the endless loops give a sense of continuation. Andrea’s family provided me with a few of her key interests and after a few sketches I was able to bring these elements into her key. The great thing about the design process is that we allow for a number of changes before I start carving, these small last-minute changes (normally additions) can really bring the personality into the carving.

Many families have traditional crests or heritage designs that we can bring into the design. This can be seen in some of the pacific island and maori 21st keys.

Contact me if you would like me to provide you with a design for a 21st key or other woodcarving, restoration or decorative art.


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  1. Tracy Ryan
    April 19, 2016

    Hi there, your work is beautiful
    love the Maori 21st keys
    I’m looking for 2 carvings
    1 is for my daughters 21st and 1 for my sons 25th
    I’m looking to see if anyone can carve me a carving in the shape of the Maori Mania, and Maori triple twist
    If you can contact me when you ca I can explain
    Thank You


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