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This is a collection of the 21st keys I carved in Jan 2014. Thanks to the wonderful families for letting me show you these carved 21st keys and being involved with this celebration.

A bit about our process to create carved 21st keys

Every key we design and carve is different. We work with the families to find the unique aspects of the person’s life to bring into the design. It is a great time to hear the stories from the family and odd stories can really inspire great design. Sometimes a clean design of the person’s name can work really well paired with the right wood and at other times a more elaborate design fits the personality. These designs don’t always have to be the traditional carved 21st key shape as can be seen in my portfolio of 21st keys.

Every carved 21st key we design and make is a one-off. This isn’t an off the shelf 21st key business. We do cater to every budget.

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