Carved sculpture - New Zealand - Hawk - Kahu - Birds - 2Hand Carved New Zealand birds

In New Zealand we have a diverse selection of beautiful native and introduced birds. Often in my carvings I have been asked to incorporate them into the design, if not focusing the whole carving on a particular bird. This carved Kahu or Hawk has been standing inside the gallery at this years Sculpture In The Gardens that has recently finished at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.
I have had sculptures in this exhibition for the last few years and it is always a pleasure to be able to display my work along side some of New Zealand’s great artists.


In the gallery below you will see some other examples of hand carved New Zealand birds. Some of the sculptures are new and a few older carvings that have used birds in their designs. I hope this gallery can give you inspiration for your own work or other carving of New Zealand birds I may be able to create.

I am available to hand carve New Zealand birds into 21st Keys, sculptures, signs and almost any wooden surface. Contact me if you have any inquiries

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