Hand carved walking sticks are a thoughtful gift for someone who may have to rely on one. No one wants to have to use a walking stick so it is great to be able to carve designs into the objects to imbue them with a sense of power and respect. Over my years carving I have made a number of beautiful traditional Maori and Pacific island designed walking canes and walking sticks for some of my clients.  It has usually been a younger family member wanting to give a gift as a sign of respect to an older family member or kaumatua.

I do apologies for not having many photos of these hand carved walking sticks and will endeavor with permission to get some more in the future.

If you have a question about how much it would cost to get a hand carved walking stick and the process I go through to design, carve and deliver them please visit our Carved Walking Sticks page or contact us below.



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Contact us for any enquires regarding hand carved walking sticks


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