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If you enjoyed The 2013 Auckland Botanical ‘Sculpture in the Gardens’ exhibition in Manurewa you could have my ‘Over the Farm Gate’ sculpture in your own backyard. I tried to capture the essence of farm life and what better way than the iconic farm gate.

The sculpture has quintessential scenes of New Zealand farming heritage carved into the aged timber. They depict the way of life pioneered by early settlers in this country and the trades they plied to survive. Ploughing, shearing, woodcutting and some of the machinery are all depicted here.

Carved into the gates bracing rail are Denis Glovers onomatopoeic words that evoke the familiar sounds of magpies on a crisp rural morning and the sculpture wouldn’t be complete without the supporting character of the magpie on the fence.

We are hoping this sculpture can find a great new home. The outdoor sculpture could act as a dramatic entrance to your property or be more dominant as a feature in your garden.

quote_blockquoteA sculpture that captures the way of life of Kiwi farmers. The larger-than life magpie sits on a bigger-than-usual farm gate. The magpie’s song is carved into the cross-beam that holds the gate together and scenes of early New Zealand farming are carved into the gate posts. It’s fun, it’s totally typical of my farming childhood and I like the referencing between poetry and art.
-The NZ Hearld

Please contact us if you are interested in this sculpture and we can discuss price, delivery, installation and that sort of thing. You can also read more about this sculpture on the blog

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing this sculpture – price on application.

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