What better creature to name a tramping hut after than the Morepork. The birds wildness and beauty sums up everything you want from a hike, so I was more than pleased to have the opportunity to carve this wooden sign. I am really happy with how the icon of the Ruru turned out and believe it will get better as the wood ages .

This was a large piece of wood to work with, the Morepork being close to life-size. I blacked-out the lettering to make the text that much stronger and stayed away from using colors to preserve the natural tones of the sign and its environment.

We can carve wooden signs of any size

I think its great to see wooden signs are still so striking in the age of digital printing. We design and hand carve each wooden sign after a consultation with you and provide a progress report as we begin carving to check we are all on the same page, especially with spelling. There is no control-z in wood carving. The size can vary from a palm sized sign above the door to your batch, to a half tonne wooden sign to display your vineyard.

Wooden sign - TE RURU HUT SIGN - Hand Lettering and icon carving

Wooden sign – TE RURU HUT SIGN – Hand Lettering and icon carving

Please contact us if you have queries about commissioning a wooden sign


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  1. Barry Hull
    February 16, 2016

    Wanted to have a name “Matai” carved in Matai wood. Just a name plaque for this new boy, due to be born 1-7-16. Your wife suggested a box instead, for documents.

    I can’t see any examples at all on your website. Can you give an indication of cost? Would just want something quite plain, not a fully carved box.

    Also, the alternative plaque or sign would be simple.

    This will be for my housekeeper’s son. The boy is not of Maori or Samoan blood.

    I look forward to seeing examples.



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