Wooden Sign Carving

We have extensive experience with wooden sign carving

What is the process to get a hand carved wooden sign?

    • Contact – details, price on agreement, installation agreement
    • Initial design sent to customer (quicker approval leans towards quicker delivery)
    • 30% deposit on confirmation of design
    • Carving begins
    • update of progress
    • Photo emailed of finished piece for client to sign off or physically sited if preferred
    • Final payment made
    • Delivery with track and trace number – or installed on site as agreed

What can I bring to the design of the wooden sign?

Hand carved signs can be as different as the people who commission them. If you have a look through this website you will see I have extensive experience relief carving objects, animals, interests, flora and all sorts into the wood. There is no reason that these aspects of the design cant be brought into the design of your wooden sign. The sign can also be made to look rustic or worn if that is your desire.

If you have a crazy idea for a wooden sign please contact us for a free quote.

What materials are needed for the sign?

If you have a piece of wood that is special to you, your family or your business we are able to use this for the sign. Otherwise wood can be provided. As you can see in the gallery we have used a collection of native and imported timbers. It’s always a nice challenge when someone brings a usual species of wood to turn into a sign.

What are the installation arrangements?

I have had extensive experience installing wooden signs of every size. As you imagine to hang a batch sign is a very different experience to installing an eight meter wooden sign for a vineyard. On initial contact we can discuss installation and if you have someone you would prefer to install the sign we don’t mind, whatever is going to make it easier to get the sign installed.

We deliver and install in Auckland through to Waikato and can arrange for someone to install in other parts of the country”

“Here is what other people have been saying about our work”

Do you offer lettering/engraving?

We also offer lettering/engraving services if that is all you are looking for. I am available to come on location; job and time dependent. There are various techniques to make the letters stand out either carving out the letters or relief carving around the letters so they are raised. Often we will paint the text to create a more readable text.

What are some of the types of wooden signs we carve

-Wedding signs
-Farm signs
-Boat signs
-Batch signs
-Bar signs
-Vineyard signs
-Restaurant signs
-Cafe signs
-Church signs
-Garden Signs
-House Signs
-Event signs

How much does it cost to get a sign carved?

Because of the variance in size and the cost of installation all prices are based on request. So please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote – we are open to all jobs big or small.

Interested in our wooden sign carving please contact us for a free quote or for any further questions


  1. Matt
    March 26, 2015

    Hi, I’m after three wooden shields/plaques to have stag skulls mounted onto to. Can you provide something suitable? Ta

  2. cinthia tuteru
    August 3, 2015

    Hi there, are you doing special made key for a 21, like 1000000 dollars bill or state of origin shield with picture engrave to it…if yes can you give me a cote thanks

  3. Sarah
    September 4, 2015

    Could you please give me a quote for a plaque with a design and 2 words.
    Size approx 30cm by 15cms.


  4. imelda gedye
    April 28, 2016

    Hello there
    I am interested in ordering 21 key .
    With his name engraved on it.
    I have the wood made of kauri (swamp)
    Please let me know how much it cost me.

  5. Renee
    July 28, 2016

    Hi there.it’s my nieces 21st in Dec..she’s not wanting a key exactly,but my thought was a knotty piece of wood,roughly,naturally shaped ovally on a stand and polished it he her name,d.o.b and a small quote on it..
    Thanks for your time

  6. Sinead love
    August 15, 2016

    We are desperately after someone to engrave and also carve up a bit of a design on our family friends Plaque in replacement of a headstone.
    We have the peice of wood (kauri)
    We want to keep the raw edges to keep the natural look.
    Rough sizing would be:
    30cm wide
    30cm long

    What would be a rough estimate in pricing?
    Also where are you based?


  7. Carol crighton
    August 19, 2016

    Do you carve other than signs? I want two large angel wings

  8. Chanell Allen
    October 6, 2016

    Ki ora, i was wanting a carved sign for my grandfathers gravesite. To sit at the bottom of him as he will have a head stone. Wanting ” Kawau Allen “written with Maori patterning incorporated somehow… on sides or border maybe depending on price. I really can’t afford it but it would be so special as my grandfather is the first one buried in February this year at a new whanau cemetery on my aunties land in kaungaroa. What’s the price range I would be looking at?

  9. Mandy Priestley
    November 6, 2016

    I have a signpost I would like making, I need to send you a picture So you can see, can you send me an email address to forward it to.

    Mandy Priestley

  10. Nicole Beattie
    May 16, 2017

    Hi I’m after 3 wooden plaques to present to life sponsors of a rugby club. Would want our logo on them and then life sponsor and their name. If went ahead would need these by 17th of June if possible. Could you let me know approx price to get made and deliver to blenheim. Size we were thinking would be around 30cm x30cm



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